Employee well-being beyond benefits

EWA, or Early Wage Access, brings a new era of corporate benefits. Give your employees the financial well-being they deserve and grant them access to their salaries in advance for a better control over their own assets.

About EWA

Wishing for an early payday is nothing new to most employees, who often go and seek available options to fulfil their financial needs: borrowing from friends and family or taking up high-interest loans. But instead of getting into an endless loop of lending, how about giving them early access to what they earn at work?

EWA is a benefit program that gives your employees instant access to a portion of their earned wage before payday. Get their temporary shortages solved with a reliable solution and become the supportive, trustworthy partner in their everyday needs.
Instant access to employee down payment in a few clicks
No administrative burden for the employer
Attractive benefit to recruit top talents
Higher rates of employee satisfaction account to higher company success

Behind EWA

EWA comes from a background of experienced and well-established companies, with a long history of providing employee-oriented solutions and making company processes more efficient.
Over0 years of experience with advisory, payroll and HR administration services
Almost0 countries have our cloud solutions implemented
More than1000 international clients
Together, Accace, TULIP and InvAce are bringing the progressive technology of EWA to Slovakia for the very first time, supporting companies that wish to nurture their employees and elevate benefits to the next level.

How does it work?

EWA is accessible through the TULIP portal. With just a few clicks, the employee requests the salary advance through their account, which then gets processed by the Accace payroll department. There are no additional tasks for the managers and HR department of your company.

What are the conditions of EWA?

The employee can make an unlimited number of requests for the salary advance during the month.
The handling fee of processing and transaction is up to EUR 2 per request.
The amount of down payment can reach up to EUR 500 within a calendar month and is applicable from the first till the very last day of the month.
Applications for EWA are available till 3PM every working day. The request generated after this time will be processed the next working day.


EWA or early wage access is a salary advance scheme, allowing employees to access a portion of their salary before payday.
If you wish to introduce this benefit to your company, get in touch with us at contact@e-ewa.com and we will arrange a demo session together to discuss your options.
The handling fee to process the requests is EUR 2 per case, paid by the employee. For the price of implementation in your company, please submit a pricing request at info@e-ewa.com.
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